What a week we had last week!  Bull reds and tarpon were happy happy.  I suppose the customers were too!  #awesomeadventurecharters #redfish #bullred  #tarpon #hiltonhead #hiltonheadfishing @zmanfishingproducts @bullbayrods @raymarine
Good ones!
The dang fish were so big I had to post them sideways!  We obviously do water better than we do cell phone.  Nice work @dylanyaden #awesomeadventurecharters #redfish #catchandrelease #hiltonheadfishing #chickfest
Pink redfish and flying chrome things is my kind of Tuesday #hiltonheadfishing #redfish #catchandrelease #tarpon
Ladies always catch the big fish.  Her brother was 0-4 😂 while the rest of the group all caught a couple.
Windy days has @dylanyaden and I stuck in the marsh.  Fortunately for us, there are some nice fish hiding from the wind there too!  Let’s hope the fan turns off soon! 🙏 @awesomeadventurecharters @bullbayrods @raymarine @florida_fishing_products
Happy Mother’s Day to these two wonderful women!  And a Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.  Y’all have a tough job and we sure appreciate you! @kowabungakerry @islandcluberin
Florida is no fair.  It was a blast coming down to fish with my buddies and drag a skiff down to rip around with.  @marshwearclothing @tarponfischercharters @baneski27
Herping with Finn was a big time tonight!  Leopard frogs, wood toads, and his first copperhead. That Sage Motive makes for a better snake hook than it does a fly rod 🤣
Good lord.  It has been so long since I posted.  When did the format change to vertically oriented pictures?  Anyhow, here is a sneak peakk at what has been happening lately.  Capt Dylan and I look forward to seeing y’all this year!  #awesomeadventurecharters #hiltonheadfishing #catchandrelease #inshorefishing #smiles
Let’s see if all this snuggling brings another clutch of West Papuan carpet python eggs this year. 🤞.
Look at this cozy critter snoozing away on the bluff!  I wish I had a real camera with me.  The picture doesn’t do any justice to the peace and serenity of that May River red fox.
Happy Valentine’s Day Cinnamon! 😍 Fingers crossed for another beautiful clutch of West Papuan carpet pythons this Spring.
This fly fish’n isn’t all that bad!  Mike’s first red on the whippy stick.
Pretty psyched about how this one is turning out!
Farewell and adieu to you fair Japanese Yammies. Saying goodbye to a motor that didn’t give me a lick of trouble in her 3500 hours.  Also worth noting is that the @power.pole outlived the motor!
Congrats to Tripp Taylor on his hammer head shark mount!  It was pretty cool submitting this one to Grays Taxedermy.  This little kid’s first shark is going to be an easy one to remember 🤙! As always this shark was released!
Daddy/daughter dates are a big time!
Tell Finn that Mondays suck, I dare you! #awesomeadventurecharters #redfish #catchandrelease #seadek #hewes #hiltonheadfishing @bullbayrods @marshwearclothing @drumspots
My little guy finally got the fishing bug (I was starting to worry). His bait, his casts, and his catches for the first time.  Nice slam Finn-man!🤙❤️ @kowabungakerry
If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s taking 3 pictures of one heck of a day! The trout and redfish bite is so dang good!  #awesomeadventurecharters #catchandrelease #hiltonheadfishing @raymarine @power.pole @zmanfishingproducts
Fall fishing is in full swing!  Family fishing is too.
While I had a great day with my man Mike, I did lose my prop coming to the dock.  As much as it sucks to lose something important; could it have happened in a better place?  A big thank you to Andrew Carmines for the perfect fitting wetsuit and my dad for driving by and making me think it was possible.  Yew🤙 @marshwearclothing
Mad Dog the Native American treasure hunter.