The winners of the 2022 Coast 4 Coast guide relief tournament!  We’re sending almost 7k to the guides in SWFL who lost their boats or homes in Hurricane Ian.  Go ahead @papabearcharters for first place in the bait division winning $500 @hudsonsseafood and a beautiful painting donated by @carinvaughnart .

Congrats to @ianparker7 and @dylanyaden for second place in the bait division and winning $200 at Freeport!  Congrats @captrobalexander and @bigscreenmafia for winning first place in the fly division and winning the @southerndrawlsc Salt HD 8wt fly rod.  A huge thanks to our biggest sponsor @marshwearclothing for a a great meal, apparel donations, gift card donations, yeti cooler donations, and a healthy dose of libations.
 Thank you @hhiboathousetackle for donating the most badass pliers around and for hosting this event in the shed!  Thank you @captainsforcleanwater for setting up our donations to your guide relief fund.  A special thanks to @willytwiener for being the highest donor in memory of Adam Slamas ❤️ 🍸!
Coming at you quick!  This Friday!  Lines in 7am-3pm.  Awards and raffle at 5pm at Hilton Head Boathouse dry stack.  All the sign up info on the Coast 4 Coast Facebook page.  We are very grateful for all of our raffle donors!  Thank you @marshwearclothing @aftco @florida_fishing_products @bullbayrods @southerndrawlsc @hiltonheadboathouse @zmanfishingproducts @davidsonriveroutfitters @palmetto_fossil_excursions @hhigeoff @springisland and of course my pal Samantha Randall for all the killer graphics.  Be there Friday for beer, chicken, and charity 🤙.
Get your tapes right before the Coast 4 Coast Guide Relief Tournament.  Otherwise you’re getting a 36 🤷. If you still have not registered, just follow this link and forward me the receipt.  It’s that easy….
Please join us for the Coast 4 Coast guide relief fishing tournament on November 11, 2022.  We are raising money to help the fishing guides who have lost their boats and/or homes in Hurricane Ian.  Come catch some huge fish, have a good time, and win some killer prizes.  There will also be a fly division so all you skiffers please mark the date! 🤙  The black drum calcutta will pay out half of the $$. The other half to those guides in need.  A raffle will take place at the awards party with some great prizes and experiences to win.  Links in Bio
The bull red bite is on!  Come get some!
@awesomeadventurecharters #redfish #bullred #hiltonhead #fallfishing
@isla.dancer ‘s first cast!  Thank you for a great time @saltywatersobx
I shoulda never ate that mullet…
I’m hosting a family fishing seminar on September 30th with Island Rec Center.  I would love to send these kids home with some lures they can play with to keep them pumped up!  If anyone in the tackle industry or recreational folks are interested in donating (lures) that would be rad.  Hold the trebles!  Soft plastics for smiles 😀.
The last couple weeks have been a pretty good time!  Playing with kids, flying some tarpon, waxing the bull reds, and trying our hand at the Tarpon Bluff Invitational and the Holy City Tarpon Tournament put on by @marshwearclothing  @captjakeparker @lp_roberts @jboylesfishing @isla.dancer @raymarine @zmanfishingproducts #tarpon #redfish #bullred #hiltonhead #hiltonheadisland #hiltonheadfishing #girlpower #takeakidfishing
Y’all ever wonder why I opt for the fist-bump over anything else?
Happy 4th of July to all my favorite American customers!  This is likely the LAST snake related picture to be published by Awesome Adventure Charters.  If you like reptiles or just want to see these python eggs hatch in the next couple days, go follow my new account @kaithons Until then I’ll be staring at the egg box 🤓. #youknowyouwantonetoo
Captain Dylan has been on fire the past week.  Come get a trip with him. 📞843-816-7475.
 #awesomeadventurecharters #catchandrelease #jackcrevalle #redfish #hiltonhead #hiltonheadisland #hiltonheadfishing @dylanyaden
This past week or so has been a blast.  Some species of course will remain anonymous.  Come book your trip with Awesome Adventure Charters soon or you’ll be stuck fishing next to the boogie boarders 😀!
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What a week we had last week!  Bull reds and tarpon were happy happy.  I suppose the customers were too!  #awesomeadventurecharters #redfish #bullred  #tarpon #hiltonhead #hiltonheadfishing @zmanfishingproducts @bullbayrods @raymarine
Good ones!
The dang fish were so big I had to post them sideways!  We obviously do water better than we do cell phone.  Nice work @dylanyaden #awesomeadventurecharters #redfish #catchandrelease #hiltonheadfishing #chickfest
Pink redfish and flying chrome things is my kind of Tuesday #hiltonheadfishing #redfish #catchandrelease #tarpon
Ladies always catch the big fish.  Her brother was 0-4 😂 while the rest of the group all caught a couple.
Windy days has @dylanyaden and I stuck in the marsh.  Fortunately for us, there are some nice fish hiding from the wind there too!  Let’s hope the fan turns off soon! 🙏 @awesomeadventurecharters @bullbayrods @raymarine @florida_fishing_products
Happy Mother’s Day to these two wonderful women!  And a Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.  Y’all have a tough job and we sure appreciate you! @kowabungakerry @islandcluberin
Florida is no fair.  It was a blast coming down to fish with my buddies and drag a skiff down to rip around with.  @marshwearclothing @tarponfischercharters @baneski27
Herping with Finn was a big time tonight!  Leopard frogs, wood toads, and his first copperhead. That Sage Motive makes for a better snake hook than it does a fly rod 🤣
Good lord.  It has been so long since I posted.  When did the format change to vertically oriented pictures?  Anyhow, here is a sneak peakk at what has been happening lately.  Capt Dylan and I look forward to seeing y’all this year!  #awesomeadventurecharters #hiltonheadfishing #catchandrelease #inshorefishing #smiles
Let’s see if all this snuggling brings another clutch of West Papuan carpet python eggs this year. 🤞.