Farewell and adieu to you fair Japanese Yammies. Saying goodbye to a motor that didn’t give me a lick of trouble in her 3500 hours.  Also worth noting is that the @power.pole outlived the motor!
Congrats to Tripp Taylor on his hammer head shark mount!  It was pretty cool submitting this one to Grays Taxedermy.  This little kid’s first shark is going to be an easy one to remember 🤙! As always this shark was released!
Daddy/daughter dates are a big time!
Tell Finn that Mondays suck, I dare you! #awesomeadventurecharters #redfish #catchandrelease #seadek #hewes #hiltonheadfishing @bullbayrods @marshwearclothing @drumspots
My little guy finally got the fishing bug (I was starting to worry). His bait, his casts, and his catches for the first time.  Nice slam Finn-man!🤙❤️ @kowabungakerry
If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s taking 3 pictures of one heck of a day! The trout and redfish bite is so dang good!  #awesomeadventurecharters #catchandrelease #hiltonheadfishing @raymarine @power.pole @zmanfishingproducts
Fall fishing is in full swing!  Family fishing is too.
While I had a great day with my man Mike, I did lose my prop coming to the dock.  As much as it sucks to lose something important; could it have happened in a better place?  A big thank you to Andrew Carmines for the perfect fitting wetsuit and my dad for driving by and making me think it was possible.  Yew🤙 @marshwearclothing
Mad Dog the Native American treasure hunter.
A big congratulations to @dylanyaden and his lovely lady, Sarah!! ❤️🦐
Red October!
Red things.
The new TK xs 8/0 is the bees knees.
If only these flops could talk!  This blowout sent by skateboard under a moving minivan.  Miraculously, the skateboard lives and you better believe I’m going to repair these flops for more fish’n missions!  #fishpondusa
It’s been a wet few days but it hasn’t stopped us from goofing off on the water!
Cool day for team Marshwear in the Tarpon Bluff tourney!  @captjakeparker @jboylesfishing @lp_roberts @marshwearclothing @bullbayrods @florida_fishing_products @raymarine
A baby West Papuan carpet python that I had the pleasure of hatching.  This one’s name is Houdini, for her unique ability to crawl into an incubator fan (that was running) while I tore the house apart looking for her. #snakesoginstagram #carpetpython #papuancarpetpython
Congrats to @andrewfairman and @hannah_reich to a joyous future!  Your wedding was a blast!
There have been some good redfish amongst other large creatures lately!  Come get some!
#awesomeadventurecharters #redfish #catchandrelease #imcrogue #hiltonheadisland #hiltonheadfishing
That’s one shiny ribbon!
Capt. Dylan was on em good today!
#awesomeadventurecharters #redfish #cobia #catchandrelease @jonesbrothersmarine
As much as I tried to use my carpet python as leverage, Geoff faced his fears and ended up putting those rods back in the truck.  Way to step outside your comfort zone 🤙🏼. Shaka snake for president.
Aside from big fish, the little fish have been playing nice too.  Who catches black drum like that in the summer?? Go ahead @dylanyaden #awesomeadcenturecharters #catchandrelease #blackdrum #redfish #trout #seatrout #hiltonheadisland
You never know what 7:30 will bring.